What You Should Know About Malware and Ransomware

Malware means “malicious software.” These are digital viruses that can do a number of detrimental things to your files. Through scamming schemes and fake websites or even fake news, malware developers send out messages that entice you to click a link. After doing so, if you have fallen for the lure, they are able to access your computer and files by installing software onto your hard drives.

On the other hand, ransomware is a virus where the scammer demands a “ransom” or payments in order for you to have access to your files again.

How to Watch Out for Malware and Ransomware

These viruses usually come in the form of spam emails, or interesting links on social media. With technology improving every day, scammers are becoming more sophisticated at tricking the public into installing dangerous software. One example is that you may be given a link to an interesting video, but in order to access the full file, they require you to install software to watch it. Once you download this software, your computer is infected with the virus.

There is never a guarantee that they will unlock your computer or return your safe files after paying money. So the best measures you can take are preventative ones. Look out for warning signs: spam emails offering large sums of money, freebies that require you to click a dubious link, or new icons appearing on your computer screen that have not been there before.

Protect Yourself From Harmful Digital Viruses

Never open attachments unless you know for sure who they are from. Read news from reliable sources. And always protect your computer from viruses by running virus checks and security software regularly. If necessary, hire outside digital security agencies who can scan all of your digital devices and ensure your complete safety. Finally, always contact your bank immediately if you think someone has been trying to access your financial details.

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